To purchase "OTETE & ANYO", customer is required to send us a scan data of baby's hand / foot print.
Please make and send it as the instruction below.

HOW TO MAKE A  PRINT (Please make the print in a regulation size H. 127mm x W. 89mm)

■Step 1 Prepare equipment
Ink pad / Paper / Wet tissue / Towel

■Step 2 Prepare taking a hand / foot print
To avoid the ink going into baby’s tiptoe, clip baby's nails.
For after taking a print, prepare giving a baby a bath.

■Step 3 Taking a hand / foot print
We recommend to do this work with a partner
One person holds baby in arms, and the other presses
ink pad to baby's hand / foot. Make sure the ink on
hand / foot, then press it to paper slowly and carefully.
At this moment, it will be easier if the paper is fixed by tape, etc.

■Step 4 All done!
Dry the ink completely.
As soon as taking a print, wipe out the ink of baby's
hand / foot and giving a baby a bath.
A basic of the safety is "Take a print, take a bath!"

This product truly recreates a scan data we received.
Let's make a print you are 100% sure with full of fun!!

It's easier to take a print when a baby sleeps very deeply.
If you press too much ink on baby’s hand / foot, try to take a print on other paper first.
Choosing deep colored ink is preferable.
Baby easily tries to chew on his / her hand & foot.
To avoid the ink going into baby's eye or mouth, keep eyes on baby all the time.

■Sending by E-MAIL (We accept only sending a print data via e-mail)
1. Scan a hand / foot print in a real scale.
Condition : High resolution more than 150dpi (Reccommend : 300dpi) / Format

2. Attach a JPG file on your mail and send it to the address below.

*If you are not sure setting of the resolution, scan a print with clipping a ruler together.
If you are still not sure, you could write a print’s height and width on email.
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